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Inline Flowcells

inline flowcells

For inline absorbance or fluorescence measurements, we offers inline flow cells.


They are available for tubing diameters of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch. The flow cells consist of Swagelok union cross tube fittings and two UV/VIS/NIR collimating lenses.

The optical path depends on the size of the flow cell - the 1/4” version has an optical path of 5 mm, the 1/2” version 10 mm and the 1” version 20 mm. They all feature SMA905 connectors for easy coupling to any of our wide range of fibre optic cables or bundles.

All flow cells feature variable focusing to optimise light throughput over the spectral range. They are also available in high temperature configurations (up to 200°C).


Special gas flow cells are also available and are designed to withstand pressures up to 200bar.

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