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Chemometry Application add-on Software

avasoft chemometry software

The AvaSoft-CHEM module enables online concentration determination with a spectroscopy system.


Lambert-Beer’s law states there is a linear relationship between absorbance and concentration: 

A = e * c * l

Where A is the absorbance (or extinction), e is the extinction coefficient of the compound to be measured, c is the concentration and l is the optical path length.

In practice, this relation is only linear at reasonably low absorbance levels (less than 2 Au). To measure the absorbance, a few samples with known concentration are required. It's important to always measure the absorbance at the same wavelength and using more samples of different concentrations provides a better chemometric model.

The absorbance values are used in AvaSoft-CHEM to create a linear (or second order - quadratic) calibration line. This calibration line is then used to measure the concentration of unknown samples, or to measure the change in concentration over time.

AvaSoft-CHEM can display and save the calculated concentration in the following ways:

  • Online display of concentration in a separate display window

  • Up to eight history channel functions can be selected to display and save concentration values against time. This application can be combined with the Process-Control applications.

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