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The potential for spectroscopy using the many advantages UV, VIS & NIR fibre optic spectrometers have to offer is truly enormous, and we receive requests for as many unknown applications as we do for those that are tried and tested.


Sometimes, we simply don't know if fibre optic spectroscopy will work for you without conducting some practical research with an actual spectrometer system, often coupled with some trial and error. We are always enthusiastic to try new ideas so please get in touch if you have a new application.


We work closely and actively with our principle, Avantes, and together, we are already active in a great many markets and techniques. Please browse the topics below to get a snapshot of what we do.

Markets and Industries

botanical horticultural agricultural spectroscopy applications
lighting spectroscopy applications
environmental spectroscopy applications
glass coatings spectroscopy
chemical spectroscopy
food spectroscopy
medical biomedical spectroscopy
semiconductor spectroscopy
grape spectroscopy
food spectroscopy
plasma emmission spectroscopy
solar irradiance spectroscopy
gemmology spectroscopy
film thickness measurement
led spectral analysis
laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
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