Endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which typically involves imaging of the upper gastrointensinal tract utlising a probe based system which is guided through the mouth into the stomach. During the traditional endoscopy procedure, specotrscopic measurements can be added in order to provide richer details to the clinician for diagnostic purposes.  Avantes works with a variety of researchers on endoscopic measurement to facilitate measurements during this procedure. The AvaSpec-HS2048XL-USB2 high sensitivity spectrometer has a proven track record for this application.  The typical measurements are reflectance based and cover the range from 300-800nm.  We offers a complete line of light sources to support the illumination requirements for endoscopy. The AvaLight-XE pulsed xenon source and the AvaLight-HAL-S tungsten halogen sources are available as housed independent sources or for integration as OEM modules.

Dermal Reflection/Fluorescence

Reflection measurements on skin an internal tissues can reveal a great deal of information which can aid in the diagnosis of conditions. One example of such measurement is the detection of advanced glycogen end products (AGEs) in patients using a dermal auto-fluorescence measurement.  Deep tissue reflection may also be measured in the near infrared (800-1100nm) to determine the effectiveness of radiation therapy at reducing cancerous masses.  Ultra violet and visble fluorescence may also be used in the detection of cancerous tissues.  We offers a number of high sensitivity, low stray light instruments for medical and biomedical detection.  The AvaSpec-HS2048XL back-thinned CCD and the TE cooled AvaSpec-HS1024X58-TEC operate over the range from 200-1100nm and both feature a 0.22 numerical aperture and back-thinned CCD detectors for optimal sensitivity. Fibre optic sampling facilitates measurement of small areas non-invasively.

All Avantes instruments are available as laboratory instruments in single channel housing , multi-channel "rackmount" housings and OEM modules. Requests for customization are welcome.

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