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Plasma Emission Applications

plasma emission spectroscopy

Why use Avantes spectrometers for your Plasma application?

  • Ability to support synchronised measurements across multiple spectrometer channels to acquire the spectrum of plasma at the same time every time. Software stitches spectra together.

  • High resolution (0.1 nm FWHM or higher) to resolve and identify atomic lines and molecular spectra within plasma

  • Ability to acquire spectra in high speed (ms time scale) and communicate events via digital & analogue ports

Plasmas are known for many emission peaks, located closely together. To separate these peaks, we offer multichannel spectrometers, featuring much higher resolution than a standalone devices. For plasma monitoring, we have two bundles, which include everything you need to measure plasma:

Cost effective, high resolution plasma measurements
This 200 to 1030nm quad-channel spectrometer boasts an optical resolution of 0.18-0.22nm, four times better than a standard AvaSpec-ULS2048 covering the same range. In AvaSoft Spectroscopy Software, the four channels are combined as if you were working with only one spectrometer.

Extremely high resolution plasma measurements
For even higher resolution than the above-mentioned quad-channel spectrometer, this version features eight channels, with an optical resolution of up to 0.10nm. The wavelenght range is 200-1070nm, which means it detects from ultraviolet, through visibile, up to near infrared light.The system is delivered in a 19” rackmountable enclosure.

High Resolution Plasma Spectrometer
Extremely High Resolution Plasma Spectrometer
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