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Lighting Applications

lighting and irradiance

Why use AvaSpec spectrometer systems for your lighting application?

  • Modularity products allows flexible setup 

  • Selectable parameters in software

  • Field calibration possible

  • DLL compatible for system integration

  • Extensive Know how and experience


In the lighting industry, we focus on not only manufacturers of lighting products such as lamps and LED's, but also the companies involved in testing and validating lamps and LED's, and assembling these products in street lights, solar simulators and more. Since lighting products emit light, the connection with spectroscopy is easily made. In this industry, spectroscopy is mostly used for quality control. Radiometry and Photometry are important topics - knowing exactly which parameters need to be determined is critical for the selection of the correct setup.


Radiometry deals with the measurement of all optical radiation including the visible portion of this radiant energy. Within the field of radiometry ,different parameters can be defined such as irradiance, radiant flux and radiant intensity. Radiometry measurements can be done in the UV, VIS and NIR wavelength ranges.


Photometry relates to visible radiation alone, as the response of the human eye. Like radiometry setups, photometry also requires measuerment of numerous various parameters such as Luminous flux, Luminous Intensity and Illuminance.

Other Parameters

Other than the measurement parameters mentioned above, often specific parameters are used to describe the quality of a lighting product. Parameters describing the colour, dominant wavelengths and calculated colour temperatures are needed to specify and document the lighting products. In order to achieve this, we offer a wide selection of spectrometers, cmplete with a comprehensive range of typically required accessories such as integrating spheres and cosine correctors.

The systems are often required to be intensity calibrated, this can be done in the Avantes calibration laboratory, or in the field with the appropriate lamp.

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