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Photonics Applications


Why use Avantes equipment for your Photonics application?

  • Fast triggering for laser measurements (AvaFemto).

  • Store to Ram capabilities.

  • Strong OEM product line.

  • Peak Tracing (calculate laser pulse width)

  • FWHM for measuring the output of laser diodes

While it is not typically considered vertical industry, Photonics is a horizontal industry which is an enabler for many traditional industries. Photonics is the science of light generation, detection, and manipulation through emission, transmisssion, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplication and detection/sensing. Spectroscopy plays a pivotal role in many photonics applications. Micro spectrometers offer a great tool for photonics applications because of their portability, durability, affordability and ability to facilitate in-situ measurements through their fibre optic interface. Avantes is a key player in the Photonics industry supporting applications ranging from laser and LED measurements to filter characterisation and quantum efficiency measurements on nanoparticles.

Laser Characterization

Spectrometers are ideal instruments for laser characterisation. They can be used for wavelength validation and beam profiling as well as power measurements. The resolution capabilities of Avantes spectrometers provide for 0.05nm resolution in the UV, 0.07nm in the visible and 0.15nm in the SWIR wavelengths. By configuring a spectrometer with an integrating sphere and radiometrically calibrating the system using a NIST traceable source, power can be measured on a laser.  Avantes AvaSphere integrating spheres are compact, high quality spheres made from machined, high purity PTFE and are offered in three standard internal diameters (30, 50, 80 mm). Avantes unique AvaSpec platform provides for the combination of detectors to cover a broad range. For example a super-continuum laser (200-2500 nm) can be measured with the combination of the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2 and our AvaSpec-NIR256-2-5.HSC. The image to the right depicts a broadband spectrometer/spectroradiometer designed for the 200-2500nm range.

Optical component measurement/profiling

Coating operations are frequently required to validate the reflectance and transmittance properties of their filters and other optical components. Avantes instruments are frequently used to characterise filter properties. The ultralow stray light instruments are ideal for this as the effects of stray light can be detrimental to accurate measurements. We offer a variety of sampling accesories to a facilitate optical component measurements of reflectance, transmittance and absorbance. 

LED reliabilty testing

With the growth of the LED market, manufacturers must monitor their quality and reliability continuously. Avantes modular platform facilitates such industrial solutions for LED testing. The AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2 and AvaSpec-ULS3648-USB2 are used in many of these environments where reliability testing may last for hundreds of hours.  Calibrated systems can measure a vareity of parameters such as X, Y, Z, x, y, z, u, v, CRI, Colour Temperature, Dominant Wavelength, Complementary Dominant Wavelength, FWHM, Centroid, Peak Wavelength and Purity. In order to support large scale operations, a single spectrometer may be utilised to measure up to 16 devices in a serial manner utlising the AvaFOM - Fibre optic multiplexer.

All Avantes instruments are available as laboratory instruments in single channel housing, multichannel "rackmount" housings and OEM modules. Requests for customisation are welcome.

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