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Raman Spectroscopy Standalone Software

avasoft raman software

AvaSoft-RAMAN is included with all AvaRaman Raman spectrocopy systems, and enables full control.


In addition to most features available in AvaSoft-FULL, AvaSoft-Raman, which is a standalone application, also offers:

  • Display of the wavelength axis in cm-1

  • Auto calibration routines to determine the excitation laser peak (please note that an AvaRaman-Calibration tile is needed, sold separately)

  • Integration time progress bar to indicate integration time status for longer spectral acquisitions

  • View signal in normalised counts

  • Software baseline correction for fluorescence suppression


AvaSoft-Raman also features history channel functions to monitor peak values or concentration versus time. Process control and export to Excel add on modules are also available for online analysis and control.

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