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Thinfilm Standalone Software

avasoft thinfilm software

Included with the AvaThinfilm system, AvaSoft-Thinfilm software is a standalone package used control the system and carry out measurements on thin film coatings. 
The software calculates a layer thickness from the reflection interference spectrum for optically transparent layers with known optical parameters. Two different methods for thin film calculations are implemented in the AvaSoft-Thinfilm software - the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and the best fit optimisation algorithm (match spectrum). The FFT method determines the frequency of the interference pattern, this is mostly used for thick layers. The match spectrum optimisation determines the best fit for various thickness calculations. Fitting parameters are adjustable for quality of fit monitoring and to speed up the data processing. 
Included in the software is an extensive database of the optical constants “n” and “k” of substrates and coatings. The database includes substrate and coating materials used in important application fields, such as semiconductor and optical coatings. 
Process-control and export to Excel add-ons modules are also available for AvaSoft-Thinfilm.

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