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AvaSpec-Mini 2048CL & 4096CL

Ultra Small CMOS Fibre Optic Spectrometers

USB UV/VIS CMOS spectrometer

If you require a very small spectrometer with a resolution of up to 0.1nm, then the latest incarnation of AvaSpec-MINI ultra small spectrometers which feature enhanced electronics and CMOS detector arrays are excellent devices.


Despite their tiny size, almost identical to a deck of cards, they are able to provide straylight levels lower than 0.2% and weigh only 175 grams. They are completely portable to use in the field, or a a tiny yet powerful spectrometer in OEM applications. Just like other spectrometers available from Anglia, the AvaSpec-Mini is used in all areas of research such as light analysis, chemical research and Raman spectroscopy to name just a few, the possibilities are endless. The AvaSpec-Mini also works seamlessly with the comprehensive AvaSoft spectroscopy software.

The AvaSpec-Mini-CL series is available with a 2048 pixel CMOS detector, or the first to market 4096 pixel array. Speed and enhanced native UV/VIS/NIR response of CMOS with resolution to 0.1nm is a totally unique combination in the market, and only available with the AvaSpec-CMOS platform. The low stray light design allows less than 0.2% stray-light and the fast response time boasts data transfer speeds as fast as 4.6 ms/scan and integrations times ranging from 30µs - 59 seconds.

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