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Direct Attach Beam Splitter/Combiner

fibre optic beamsplitter

The Beam Splitter gives you a flexible option for using dual light sources or spectrometers.


The small size of the beam splitter allows it to directly mount to the front of any AvaSpec spectrometer or AvaLight lightsource, eliminating the fibre interface. Another advantage is that your existing systems can be easily upgraded to a two channel system. Being highly adaptable, the Beam Splitter enables easy measurement of two different applications at the same time, for example, a fluorescence and an absorbance measurement.

The Beamspliter/Combiner can be used in several set ups, combining several instruments. One possibility is to combine a Fluorescence and an Absorbance application. By using the DA Beam combiner we can measure Absorbance and Fluorescence at the same time. The DA Beam combiner will receive both Absorbance and Fluorescence signals and can switch between these. That way, we see both Absorbance and Fluorescence spectra in the software, but the spectrum will only be updated when the Beamcombiner is in the corresponding position.


Click on the following links for examples of these setups.

Set up: Absorbance and Fluorescence measurement at the same time

Set up: DA Beamsplitter/combiner for correct for drift with a flowcell

Set up: DA Beamsplitter/combiner for correct for drift with a cuvette

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