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Cosine Correctors

cosine corrector

To collect light from a 180° angle, cosine correctors are used.


This eliminates optical interface problems associated with the light collection sampling geometry inherent to other sampling devices such as bare fibre optics, collimating lenses or integrating spheres.

We offer four different models of cosine corrector.

The CC-UV/VIS and CC-VIS/NIR have a 3.9mm active area, and dimensions of 18 mm (L) X 6.5 mm (OD). The CC-UV/VIS is made of Teflon which is especially suited for measurements in the 200-800nm range, whereas the CC-VIS/NIR covers the full UV/VIS/NIR range of 200-2500nm and is made of Radin Quartz.

The CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM works in the same way as the CC-VIS/NIR, but has an active area of 8.0 mm and dimensions of 29 mm (L) X 12 mm (OD).

The specialised CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 has a 20 mm active area and is used for solar measurement applications requiring a 5° angular field of view, has a 20 mm active area and is much larger than the other cosine correctors measuring 317 mm (L) X 38 mm (OD).

Technical Details
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