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Standard Deuterium Halogen Light Source

UV/VIS/NIR light source
UV/VIS/NIR light source

If you require more power than that offered by the AvaLight-DHc (compact DH soure), the AvaLight-DH-S will very likely be the perfect solution as the most powerful deuterium halogen source in the range.


Like the AvaLight-DHc, it's also a combined deuterium and halogen light source, capable of transmitting light in the UV/VIS/NIR range, but it has 35 times more halogen output and up to 300 times more deuterium power.#


The source has a prominent 656 nm deuterium peak which can limit dynamic range. An alternative exists in the Avalight-DH-S-BAL  - this has dedicated internal filtering that reduces the peak so that the output is much more balanced, and therefore offering the best oportunity to maximise the dynamic range.


It also includes a focusing lens assembly, to fully utilise the possibilities and size of your fibre.

The AvaLight-D-S is a deuterium only light source, making it a great option for measurements in the UV range from 190-400nm. The AvaLight-D-S-DUV version starts even lower at 175nm, for your deep UV experiments. This version also offers twice the intensity at 200nm.

The output of the AvaLight-DH-S is optimised for fibres or bundles up to 600micrometers. For larger fibre, the focal point is manually adjustable to optimise the light coupling into your fibre. 


The AvaLight-D(H)-S also features an integrated TTL shutter and filter holder for filters of up to 50x50x5.0mm.


Key feature of he AvaLight-DH-S range are...

  • Combined Deuterium-Halogen


  • Deep UV options

  • Powerful

Technical data

*total power for the specified wavelength range

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