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Direct Attach Cuvette Holder

To mount a cuvette holder directly to your light source, we offer a range of direct attached cuvette holders.


The CUV-DA connects to the AvaLight-DHc, -XE and -LED light sources, the CUV-DA-DHS to the AvaLight-DHS and AvaLight-DHS-BAL, and the CUV-DA-HAL-Mini to the AvaLight-HAL-Mini. These devices can be used for either absorbance or fluorescence measurements.

All CUV-DA cuvette holders feature two 90 degree and one 180 degree threads that allow the AICOL-UV/VIS collimating lens to be connected for absorbance or fluorescence setups. Each of CUV-DA series cuvette holders includes two SiO2 aluminum mirrors to further enhance fluorescence signals. These are mounted at 90 degrees to the excitation source and emission output. The CUV-DA also has a 5 mm wide filter slot.

For the AvaLight-HAL and the AvaLight-DHS, the direct-attached cuvette holders can be mounted directly onto the front panel of the light source by removing the standard filter holder.

direct attach cuvette holder
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