Direct Attach Cuvette Holder

with integrated Attenuator and Filter Holder

cuvette holder fibre optic attenuator

For truly flexible setups, the combined cuvette holder, attenuator and filter holder is a fantastic accessory.


You can control and fix the light throughput from 0-100%, use the cuvette holder for any standard cuvette up to 12.5 x 12.5mm and add half inch diameter (12-13mm) filters of 1-8 mm thick, either individually or all at the same time.

The combined direct-attached accessory is available in two versions - the CUV-ATT-DA which is used with the AvaLight-DHc (Deuterium and Halogen), AvaLight-XE (Xenon) and AvaLight-LED light sources, or the CUV-ATT-DA-HAL-Mini is for use with the AvaLight-HAL-Mini (Halogen) light source.

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