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Fibre Optic Interconnects

To connect one fibre to another, a fibre interconnect is needed.


They can be useful for coupling patch cords to fibre optic probes and other devices, or for any multiple fibre application where coupling of standard optical fibre and accessories is preferable to creating costly and complex fiber optic assemblies.

Bulkheads adaptors for TO-5 and TO-18 packages are ideal for coupling an LED to a fibre optic cable, the back side has space for an LED.

Also available on request are hybrid interconnects for fiber cables with different connectors can be joined, such as SMA905 to FC/PC. Please contact us for more details.

SMA905 interconnect

SMA Interconnect

ST interconnect

ST Interconnect

ST bulkhead

FC/PC  Bulkhead

ST bulkhead

ST Bulkhead

SMA905 bulkhead

SMA905 Bulkhead

fc/pc interconnect

FC/PC Interconnect

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