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Fibre Optic Switch

inline fibre optic switch

The fibre optic switches (FOS) are the ideal accessories to facilitate automatic shuttering of a spectrometer, or to correct for light source drift.


Automatic shuttering can be achieved with the FOS-1-Inline while light source drift correction requires the FOS-2-Inline. Both FOS designs can either be used automatically or operated electronically via a TTL pulse from an external source or AvaSpec spectrometer.

The FOS is coupled in the optical path between two SMA terminated fibres and features either two or four AICOL-UV/VIS collimating lenses (UV/VIS/NIR), and a filter holder for filters that are up to 5mm thick. TTL signals can be provided by an external device or by an AvaSpec spectrometer connected through an inteface cable (IC-DB26-2).

AvaSoft-Full spectroscopy software supports light source drift correction for a setup where one of the FOS-2-inline channels is connected to a reference measurement (such as a white tile or cuvette with blank) and the other channel is connected to the actual measurement. This provides for periodic switching to the reference channel and this updated reference data is used to correct the data measured at the sample channel.

A PS-24V/1.25A 24 volt DC power adapter is required for either of the FOS series fibre optic switches.

Technical Details
*depends on the slew rate of the light source
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