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Industrial Use Fluorescence Probes

industrial reflectance probe
fluorecence optic probe

For effective measurement of fluorescence, we offer this specially designed reflection probe.


It features a high sensitivity arrangement of 12x 200μm excitation fibres around a 600μm read fibre, which transports the fluorescence signal back to the spectrometer.

This probe is based on the industrial reflection probe but in addition to the revised fibre configuration, it also has a special reflector accessory attached to the probe end (not pictured) to enable use as a fluorescence probe. The reflector accessory prevents ambient light from entering the probe and backscatters the excitation light - since fluorescence signals are typically very low, this offers additional excitation which increases the fluorescence emission. The fluid channel path can be varied between 0 and 5mm.

Technical details

Other lengths and fibre types are available. Specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fibre cables, IR for VIS/NIR and UVIR for broadband UV/VIS/NIR

Ordering information
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