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Inline Attenuators

For all UV-VIS-NIR applications setups where light intensity has to be reduced, we offer inline fibre optic attenuators FOA-Inline-I, FOA-Inline-P and a direct attached fibre optic attenuators (ATT-DA).


The FOA-Inline-I and ATT-DA range are iris attenuators with collimating lenses either side which controls light throughput to avoid detector saturation. The FOA-Inline-P is a low cost attenuator which uses a pin to disturb the beam and therefore reduce throughput, and doesn't use lenses. 

The FOA-Inline-I and FOA-Inline-P are coupled between two SMA terminated fibre optic cables, whereas the ATT-DA  can be connected directly to the light source. 

The ATT-DA series attenuators come in two versions - the ATT-DA is designed for use with the AvaLight-DHc, the AvaLight-XE and AvaLight-LED. The ATT-DA-HAL-Mini is designedfor use with the AvaLight-HAL -Mini light source.

All attenuators offer fully adjustable 0-100% attenuation.

inline fibre optic attenuator

Inline IRIS Attenuator

direct attach fibre optic attenuator

Direct Attach IRIS Attenuator

inline fibre optic attenuator

Inline PIN Attenuator

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