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OEM Spectrometers - Ready Integrated Spectrometer

oem integrated spectrometer
oem integrated spectrometer

The new ULSi integrated OEM spectrometer is an ideal choice for any system integrator, offering a complete high quality solution in an easy to install package.


Fibre optic spectrometers have been integrated into many enduser systems in almost all areas of research and detection. Avantes has now developed the completely integrated spectrometer - one housing including the optimum Ultra Low Straylight optical bench and a miniaturised version of our flexible AS5216 electronics board.

The ULSi is available with the four best selling detectors Avantes offers - the Sony ILX554B with 2048 pixels, the Sony ILX511 with 2048 high pixels for extra sensitivity, the Toshiba TCD1304 with 3648 for high resolution, and the Hamamatsu CMOS detector with 2048 pixels. The same wide range of slits, gratings and other options available in the mainline spectroscopy lineup are also available for the ULSi.

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