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LED Light Sources

Xenon light source
UV/VIS/NIR light source

The Avalight-LED is a compact, low cost light source and although has other uses, is designed primarily for use in fluorescence applications.


It produces continuous or pulsed spectral output at a variety of wavelengths, some of the standard ones are shown in the table on this page, but other wavelengths are available upon request. The sources all have SMA905 connectors for easy coupling to fibre optics. 

The AvaLight-LED can be used as a DC source or pulsed with a programmable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), supplied by an AvaSpec-USB2 spectrometer (IC-DB26-2 cable needed).

The CUV-DA is a cuvette holder that has an integrated LED for direct illumination of the cell. This provide greater excitation energy for fluorophores with low quantum efficiency. Other accessories include the CUV-FL and CUV-ALL cuvette holders and the FCR-UV fluorescence probes. They can be found in the accessories and fibre optics sections of this website.


Please note that the power supply (PS-12V/1.0A) should be ordered separately.

Key features.....

  • Low cost fluorescence excitation

  • Compact

  • Flexible excitation wavelength

Technical data

* Other wavelengths available. Please contact us for details

Ordering information
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