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Spectroscopy Bundle - LED Measurements

led condition A B measurement bundle

More and more countries ban incandescent lamps from being sold, hugely boosting LED sales. We supplied the tools required tools for photometric and radiometric measurements to qualify them, the spectrometer is irradiance calibrated to obtain absolute values.

Typical applications:
• Irradiance
• Illuminance
• Radiometric & photometric flux
• Lumineous intensity
• Colour coordinates

Note: Bundle not illustrated in image

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In addition to the LED bundle above, we also provide a further bundle which provides the setups required to capture results as suggested in the widely used recommendation for LED bulb luminous intensity measurements, CIE’s Publication 127.


This set contains everything you need - an irradiance calibrated spectrometer, with FC/PC connector for reproduceable setups, with a fibre cable and ILED-A & ILED-B tubes.


Typical applications:

• Luminous intensity

• Radiant intensity

• Low & medium powered LEDs

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