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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

libs laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Our systems offer some great advantages in LIBS applications:

  • Multirack spectrometers enabling very high resolution over a very wide wavelenghth range

  • Timing and triggering

  • Extensive knowledge on LIBS

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a rapid chemical analysis technology that uses a short laser pulse to create a micro plasma on the sample surface. This analytical technique offers many compelling advantages compared to other elemental analysis techniques. These include:

  • A sample preparation-free measurement experience

  • Extremely fast measurement time, usually a few seconds, for a single spot analysis

  • Broad elemental coverage, including lighter elements, such as H, Be, Li, C, N, O, Na, and Mg

  • Versatile sampling protocols that include fast raster of the sample surface and depth profiling

  • Thin sample analysis without the worry of the substrate interference

A typical detection limit of LIBS for heavy metallic elements is in the low PPM range. LIBS is applicable to a wide range of sample matrices that include metals, semiconductors, glasses, biological tissues, insulators, plastics, soils, plants, soils, thin paint coating, and electronic materials.

Several customers have integrated Avantes spectrometers into different analysers for industrial and laboratory applications.


Please contact us for further information on our LIBS systems or to discuss your application.

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