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Multibranch Fibre Optic Cables

multi branch furcated fibre cable

Simultaneous multi-point measurements and Avantes multi-channel spectrometers, frequently require multifurcated fibre optic cables.


These assemblies can function as a combiner or splitter of light as they have multiple legs on one side which converge into a single connector on the opposite side. We offer virtually any combination possible, which can be adapted completely to your requirements.

Typical setups that require multifurcated cables are...

  • One sampling point such as an integrating sphere, cosine corrector or collimating lens being measured from several spectrometers (individual AvaSpecs or Multi-channel).

  • Multiple illumination fibres splitting out from one light source to different sampling points.

All types of connectors, jackets and fibre sizes are available for these multifurcated fibre cables. Contact us to discuss you precise requirements.

Ordering information

Other lengths and fibre types are available. Specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fibre cables, IR for VIS/NIR and UVIR for broadband UV/VIS/NIR

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