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NEW - NEXOS™ AvaSpec-NXS2048CL

Ultra Small CMOS Fibre Optic Spectrometer


We are pleased to introduce the AvaSpec-NEXOS™, the next generation photonics backbone spectrometer designed to empower a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. This device is manufactured with Avantes latest automation techniques to ensure superior instrument to instrument reproducibility. Discover how this innovative spectroscopy instrument will empower your application!

Compact Size, Limitless Possibilities

The Avantes NEXOS™ is a lightweight, and powerful spectrometer optimised to deliver high end performance for spectroscopy integration. The spectrometer offers high speed performance, with integration times of up to 9μs, minimal stray light as low as 0.1%, and a strong signal to noise performance of 375:1.

The NEXOS™ is fully compatible with all light sources, accessories, and AvaSoft software, enabling users to easily customise their setups to suit their measurement requirements.

This powerful and versatile spectrometer is available with USB2 communication, with alternative communication protocols (e.g., RS232/SPI) optimised for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications are also available. This device can be further customised to your needs using six different slit sizes and more than 15 different gratings. The replaceable slit option is a standard feature.

This spectroscopy instrument is very suitable for OEM applications and can be combined with software development kits and AvaSoft. And thanks to the automation of the manufacturing process, Avantes can produce very high volumes of the NEXOS™ spectrometer more efficiently and faster with very high accuracy and reproducibility.

If you'd like to learn more about the innovative NEXOS™ from Avantes and how it can enhance your application, please contact us.

Product Variations

In addition to the standard USB powered NEXOS™, we are also please to introduce the NEXOS™-Link and NEXOS™-Bench only. The 'Link' version offers alternative communication protocols for OEM customers (RS232 or SPI). The Bench Only version is optimised for easy implementation on the customer’s own electronics platform, or Avantes’ AS7010 electronic board.30µs - 59 seconds.

Technical data
Grating selection chart
A selected set of possible start-stop ranges apply. Please contact us to discuss your options.
* Depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and smaller the range to select.
** Please note that not all pixels will be used for the useable range.
Resolution vs Slit Width chart

* Depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and the higher the resolution.

Order Information
* Only for OEM customers Avantes will select needed second order suppression based on desired configuration.
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