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900-1750nm Near Infrared Fibre Optic Spectrometers





The latest upgrade in the AvaSpec-NIR spectrometer family is the addition of two new near infrared spectrometers which are both highly affordable, yet still offer superb performance and a next generation electronics platform - these are the AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7-EVO, and the AvaSpecNIR512-1.7-EVO.


Both of these units offer wide wavelength range coverage from 900-1750nm, a variety of optical resolutions depending to slit size, and feature the latest electronics capabilities thanks to the AS7010 microprocessor. This includes super speed USB3 or ethernet connectivity options, and great potential for connecting to external devices. Both units offer exceptional performance specifications such as a sample speed of only 0.53 ms/scan and integration times as fast as 10µs. This instrument is also available with the replaceable slit option meaning you can easily change the slit in order to optimise for resolution and/or sensitivity in seconds.


All NIR-1.7 instruments are available with a choice of four different gratings, making it possible to optimise the bandwidth to match your application.


Digital and analog I/O ports enable external triggering and control over the shutter and pulsed light sources.


Both units are USB3 powered.

Technical data
Grating selection chart
Resolution vs Slit Width chart
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