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TE Cooled 900-1750nm Near Infrared Fibre Optic Spectrometers




As part of the introduction of a new platform of NIR spectrometers, we are pleased to introduce two new high performance models for measurements in the near infrared range from 900-1750nm.


These two new models are the AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7-HSC-EVO and AvaSpec-NIR512-1.7-HSC-EVO. Both of these new units feature TE cooling, and are based on the superb new high sensitivity 100mm optical bench, the HSC. Theu are both equipped with the next generation of electronics, to deliver exceptional performance such as a high sample speed and integration times as fast as 20μs. For applications that demand higher resolution or more data points for modelling, the 512 pixel detector model is a ideal option.

The AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-HSC-EVO spectrometers both utilise trusted InGaAs array detectors together with ultra low-noise electronics featuring USB3 and Giga-Ethernet connection ports, and are ready equipped with a Replaceable Slit. Digital and analogue I/O ports enable external triggering, shutter and pulsed light source control, and a choice of distinct software controlled gain setting modes - high sensitivity mode (HS - default) and the low noise (LN) mode.

Cooling ensures optimal noise conditions, even at longer integration times. All NIR-1.7 instruments are available with a choice of four different gratings, making it possible to optimise the configuration to  your application.

Technical data
Grating selection chart
Resolution vs Slit Width chart

* Only for 512 pixel detector

Order Information

* Only for 512 pixel detector

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