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OEM Spectrometers - UV/VIS/NIR Optical Benches

oem spectrometer

AvaSpec optical benches are available with or without one of our electronics boards for integration into customers systems.


Avantes has developed four types of UV/VIS optical benches, especially for OEM implementation. The optical benches AvaBench-75-ULS (used in both StarLine and SensLine), AvaBench-75-ULSTEC (SensLine) and AvaBench-37.5-HS (SensLine) are Czerny-Turner designs with fibre optic entrance connectors (Standard SMA, others possible), collimating and focusing mirrors and a diffraction grating. A choice of different gratings with different dispersions and blaze angles enable applications in the 200-1100nm range.


The newly designed high numerical aperture AvaBench-37.5-HS has full mechanical compatibility for mounting holes with the AvaBench-75-ULS, so for OEM customers it's an easy to upgrade to a higher throughput optical bench.

Wavelength ranges, resolution tables, detector specifications and AvaBench options can be found in the instrument page corresponding to each spectrometer type. In the table below, the key specifications of the optical benches are detailed.

All AvaBench optical benches are fully compatible with Avantes electronics boards or may be interfaced to customer specific electronics.  Video output is handled through a separate mini-coax cable.

AvaBench-75/75TEC/37.5HS Specifications
AvaBench Comparison chart
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