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Panorama© Software

panorama spectral analysis software

Panorama© software is a sophisticated modular spectroscopy software application for endusers that require special analytical functions.


The software enables manipulation of all 2D and 3D spectroscopic data with just a few mouse clicks. Manipulation operations can be undone and redone unlimited times with ease. Mathmatical operation history contains frequently used mathematical operations that are automatically stored and applied to subsequent data sets. 

By adding the Security module, all data manipulations are logged in an audit trail. This trail is attached to the manipulated object for full CFR 21 part 11 compliance. In the audit train window, changed control history of an object can be tracked. Software user permission levels may also be assigned.

The Panorama-Quantify module enables major multivariate analysis methods such as PLS-1, PLS-2, SIMPLS, MLR, PCA, PCR for sophisticated NIR spectroscopy analysis. 

Some of the mathematical options included in the Panorama-Pro software are:

  • ATR correct / multiplicative scatter corrections / standard normal variate correction

  • Exponential functions

  • Zapping / cutting

  • Arithmetic calculation / spectrum arithmetic

  • Noise statistics / user defined peak evaluation

  • Detrending / stretch x-axis

  • Data point manipulation

  • Thickness correction / advanced two-point baseline correction

  • Unit conversion for X- and Y-axis

  • Converting of many known data formats

  • Calculate polynomial fits

Available add-ons to Panorama-Pro are:

  • Search module, which includes a powerful library module that allows archiving and searching of spectroscopic data on libraries or on your own hard disk

  • Reaction Monitoring module provides users with optimal support analysing characteristic properties and features of spectroscopic data. This facilitates quantification and prediction of spectroscopic trends based on 2D and 3D data spectral.

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