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Pulsed Xenon Light Source

Xenon light source
UV/VIS/NIR light source

The AvaLight-XE is a pulsed Xenon light source and is perfect for UV applications such as fluorescence.


When connected to your AvaSpec spectrometer through the IC-DB26-2 cable (sold separately), the flashes are synchronised with the data collected by the spectrometer. In AvaSoft the number of flashes per scan can also be selected.

With a special DUV bulb, the AvaLight-XE can be used for deep UV applications (below 200nm). A special direct attach cuvette holder is also available for fluorescence applications.  For transmission measurements, the Avalight-XE can be used in conjunction with the CUV-ATT-DA which has an iris attenuator to limit the light output to avoid saturation.


Key features.....

* Pulsed light source
* Perfect for fluorescence
* Cuvette holder available
* Long lifetime

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