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AvaRaman Raman Spectrometer System Bundles

AvaRaman Raman Spectrometer Systems

Raman Spectroscopy allows obtaining individual spectral 'fingerprints' of materials, commonly used in chemistry, pharmaceutical and medical fields, to provide information by which molecules can be identified. To offer our customers optimal performance for a reasonable price, Avantes have joined forces with two partners to offer three different and convenient Raman Bundles consisting of a great spectrometer (3 different models), a unique Laser Probe combination (785nm) supplying enhanced signals and an outstanding Software package to analyse the Raman spectra.

Type of measurements:
Raman techniques are used for many different materials, and Avantes raman bundles are especially good for use in powders and liquids.


When strong signals are available (aromatic compounds, alcohol based liquids), in general, the Ava-Raman-A bundle is useful to perform the measurement. 
When weak Raman signals occur (integration times longer than 5 seconds), the thermoelectric cooled (TEC) spectrometer is recommended. This is uncluded in the Ava-Raman-B bundle. 
If very weak signals, possibly together with fluorescence background, the Ava-Raman-D bundle using our new AvaSpec-HERO is recommended (higher quantum efficiency in NIR and better signal to noise performance).

Application fields
• Mineralogy & Gemology
• Raw materials identification
• Pharmaceuticals & Medical diagnostics
• Semiconductors

For the three different bundles available, each set up contains a dedicated spectrometer suited to your application requirements. The three bundles have in common:

For excitation: 
AvaLaser785 (includes 785nm laser safety goggles). It has an ultra high throughput integrated Raman probe. This novel device includes an integrated wavelength stabilised laser source with Raman filter packs, beam shaping optics and high efficiency Raman spectra collection optics.

•785nm wavelength stabilised excitation source.
•High throughput optical design with 100cm-1 cut-on.
•External control box for power adjustment (manually/software controlled).

For Analysis: 
AvaSoft-Raman: Basic standalone software to obtain spectra.
Panorama-Light: Panorama Light is a modular, high end software platform for spectroscopic data evaluation. The application meets all requirements for a comprehensive spectroscopy working environment, offering:
•Measurement with an instrument
•2D & 3D data visualisation
•Searching in libraries
•Archiving in spectral libraries, including additional information
•Printing with professional print templates
•Conversion of many known data formats
•Sharing data with office applications Panorama Light is designed to perfectly assist you and to keep you focused on your daily work.

For Detection:

We offer state of the art spectrometers based on the Avantes Star- and SensLine spectrometers, tailored for optimal performance in the Raman range of interest.

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