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Reflection Probe Holders

RPH-1 Reflection Probe Holder
The RPH-1 is designed to be used with our standard reflection probes, which are 6.35mm in diameter.


The holder enables positioning of the probe tip in two angles - 45 degrees for diffuse reflection measurements and 90 degrees (normal to sample) for specular reflection. This assembly is mostly used to facilitate color measurements.

A setscrew is included to mount the probe into position. The RPH-1 is a small device, measuring only 60 x 30 x 30mm, and made of black anodised aluminum.

reflection probe holder

RPH-1 Reflection Probe Holder

AFH-15 Angled Fibre Holder
To carry out measurements at multiple angles, the angled fibre holder is an ideal solution.


The angled fibre holder allows reflectance measurements to be carried under multiple angles whilst maintaining the same angle for both illumination and detection, or illumination and detection under multiple but independant angles from one another.


To carry our reflectance under the same angle, a 1.5mm OD reflectance probe is required. For independant illumination and reflectance, two 1.5mm ferrule fibres are required.

Possible angles include 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°. All 11 holes have a diameter of 1.6 mm and are equipped with a setscrew to mount the probes or fibres securely into position.


The AFH-15 is made of black anodised aluminum. 

angled reflection probe holder

AFH-15 Angled Fibre Holder

Measurements on a small spots (less than 0.5 mm) can be challenging but the AFH-Ocular makes the job easier.


The ocular enables visual location of the measurement spot on your sample. The holder is used in conjunction with our miniaturised reflection probe (FCR-7UV100-2-1x25) which has 7 x 100μm fibres in a 6 around 1 configuration, the tip is 1mm in diameter x 25mm long.

Please note that a black cover placed over the ocular (not included) should be used during measuring to prevent ambient light from reaching the measurement spot.

reflection probe holder


Reflection Probe Holder

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