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Reflection Probes for Powders and Thick Fluids

reflectance probe
fibre optic probe

For effective measurement of reflection in powders and thick fluids, we offers this specially designed this series of reflection probes, which allow the user to simply dip the probe into the powder or thick fluids to carry out the measurements.

The illumination leg of the probe is connected to a light source and carries light to the sample via a bundle of six fibres. At the probe tip, the samlpe is illuminated through a 45 degree mounted sapphire window, and collects indirect reflections which are carried by a single fibre to the spectrometer.


The 45 degree angle of the probe prevents the measurements of direct back reflection from the window, therefore improving the dynamic range of your measurement.

Technical details

Other lengths and fibre types are available. Specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fibre cables, IR for VIS/NIR and UVIR for broadband UV/VIS/NIR

Ordering information
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