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Custom Designed & Modified Fibre Optic Assemblies

For some projects and/or OEM applications, there are occasions where there isn't a perfect solution from our standard range of fibre optics to accommodate a specific measurement scenario.


In these cases, we frequently provide a solution by tweaking or modifying an existing assembly, or by designing a completely bespoke product from scratch. More often than not, we already know and have the technical solution available, so its usually a fairly simple case of transferring the technology into a package that fits your application. In either case, we aim to offer a high quality, fast, effective and correct solution, at a sensible cost.

We have a great deal of experience and as a result, have many many customers with bespoke assemblies that are being used in all manner of environments from high temperatures and high pressures to tight spaces under ultra high vacuums with highly corrosive samples.


The potential solutions and options are almost limitless, so please contact us and we'd be very happy to discuss your application whether it's for a simple 1 off, an ongoing project or as an long term OEM partner.

custom vacuum feedthroughs
custom vacuum feedthroughs
custom collimating lens
custom fiber optics
custom immersion transmission probe
ATR fibre optic probe
custom extruder probe
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