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Standalone Spectrometers

standalone spectrometer

Any Avantes AvaSpec spectrometer can operate in stand alone mode in which the spectrometer is not connected to a computer.


The standalone mode is developed for process control applications, in which the spectrometer must output analogue or digital signals that can be directly coupled to Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC) in a process control environment.

In order to get the desired stand alone functionality of a spectrometer, it is important to define functions in which the parameters that need to be controlled can be measured.

These functions can be defined as (max. 8) History Channel Functions and the output values as 8 digital TTL-functions for which thresholds can be set using the AvaSoft-PROC process control software. Two functions can also be used to output an 8-bit analogue value in the 0-5V Voltage range.

After a successful implementation using a PC connected spectrometer, Avantes can be contacted to implement the desired functions into the firmware on-board of the USB2 platform spectrometer. Since most of this functionality is customer specific, please contact us for further information.

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