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Temperture Controlled Cuvette Holders

For extra stability during demanding measurements such as fluorescence, we offer the CUV-UV/VIS-TC, a temperature controlled cuvette holder.


The temperature can be set anywhere between -30°C and +105°C with an accuracy of 0.05°C. Other features include magnetic stirring, slit attenuation kit and fused silica lens systems with SMA fibre optic connectors.


It can be combined with any AvaLight light source or AvaSpec spectrometer to create a powerful measurement system.

The CUV-UV/VIS-TC is available in fluorescence, absorption or combined fluorescence/absorption configurations. A special direct-attached fluorescence configuration is available for coupling the Avalight-XE pulsed Xenon source for maximised fluorescence excitation energy.

Application areas enabled by the CUV-UV/VIS-TC series include DNA melting and annealing, protein thermodynamics, fluorophore characterisation, enzyme kinetics and online thermocycling of biological particles.

temperature controlled cuvette holder
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