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Very High Sensitivity, High Resolution Fibre Optic Spectrometer

USB UV/VIS spectrometer

The new AvaSpec-HERO is the answer for those who are in need of high resolution and high sensitivity!


Existing users of fibre optic spectrometers will be familiar with the configuration compromises of sensitivity vs wavelength range vs resolution - the AvaSpec-HERO combines the best of all worlds, so it's no longer needed to make a choice!


At the heart of the AvaSpec-HERO is the new High Sensitivity Compact 100mm optical bench offering a NA of 0.13 and a cooled backthinned detector with 1024x58 pixels. For the electronics, the newest AS7010 board is used including a high performance analog to digital converter with excellent noise performance and the ability to communicate at very high speed through USB3.0 and Ethernet.

The combination of these two state of the art components produces an excellent instrument offering the ideal balance between sensitivity and resolution, capability to use longer integration times in low light applications, yet ensuring perfect signal to noise performance transferred by the latest communication standards.

The AvaSpec-HERO is equipped as standard for use with replaceable slits, offering optimal flexibility for a variety of applications. The combination of all of the above makes the AvaSpec-HERO your ideal companion for all your spectroscopic measurements, and truly is the flagship of the entire spectrometer line up.

Technical data
Grating selection chart

* depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and the smaller the range to select.

Resolution vs Slit Width chart

* Above values are average values. Due to optical properties resolution will be better in the lower wavelengths than in the higher wavelength range.

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