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Vacuum Feedthoughs

Vacuum feedthroughs are designed for the use with fibre optics in vacuum chambers, in applications such as plasma and coating deposition monitoring.


Our standard, low cost design is based on an M12 bolt and can be used in chambers with wall thicknesses of 5-40mm and in vacuum's of  10-7 mbar/l/s. The feedthrough assembly consists of an M12 housing with Viton® O-ring, two Male SMA fibre optic connectors to allow easy coupling to fibre optic cables and probes, and welded to provide a very robust seal. In order to connect these assemblies to fibre optic cables inside/outside the chamber, two extra SMA fiber interconnects (ME-FI-SM-MM) should be ordered separately. A female version is also available for those wishing to dispense with the need for extra interconnects, and/or require an even more robust feedthrough.

The vacuum feedthrough can be delivered for all fibre diameters from 50μm up to 1000 μm for UV/VIS and VIS/NIR, and with solarisation resistant fibre (SR) for wavelengths <250nm. A high temperature version of the vacuum feedthrough (-HT) is available enabling the device to withstand temperatures up to 200°C, with higher temperature versions are available on request.

In addition to the low cost standard feedthrough, we also offer Fiber Optic Feedthroughs for Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) with a choice of various flange types, or even multiple feedthroughs mounted into a single flange. Most versions are available with the most common optical connectors and sockets, or fully bespoke designs are possible - please contact us for further details. All feedthroughs are fully leak tested prior to packing and shipping.

hermetic feedthrough

Custom designed CF Flange with multiple feedthroughs

hermetic feedthrough

CF Flange Feedthrough with

FC/PC or FC/APC sockets 

vacuum feedthrough

Standard M12 Feedthrough

cf feedthrough

CF Flange Feedthrough

with ST sockets 

kf feedthrough

Threaded Feedthrough

with male or female SMA905

Technical Details
Ordering information

Specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fibre cables, IR for VIS/NIR and UVIR for broadband UV/VIS/NIR

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