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USB3 & Ethernet CMOS Fibre Optic Spectrometer

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The brand new AvaSpec-VARIUS™ sets a new standard in UV/VIS/NIR fibre optic spectroscopy offering unrivalled performance, ease of use, unit to unit consistency, and packed with functionality. Using new, patented technology and improved optical bench design, the VARIUS™ outperforms its predecessors and at only a few months old, is already a best seller.


The VARIUS™ guarantees accuracy and reliability across various applications, and integrates seamlessly with the comprehensive AvaSoft software platform and crosslink solutions for enhanced versatility. 

The VARIUS™ spectrometer is available in standard and industrial (OEM) variations, and is available with 2048 or 4096 pixel detector and features USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data transfer. The OEM variation has a sturdy steel housing with electromagnetic shielding, specifically designed for seamless integration into your device or system.

With its versatile and flexible design, it allows for analysis of a wide range of samples and measurements, allowing you to gain insights into your research or application quickly and easily.

Measurement Flexibility
As standard, the VARIUS™ features a replaceable slit allowing the user to easily and quickly swap sizes to optimise performance. Simply remove the new magnetic connector cover system to access the slit, then simply remove and replace with the desired size for performance customization and adapt effortlessly to various measurement scenarios for optimum results.

High Reproducibility
Avantes automated manufacturing process for the VARIUS™ spectrometer enables production of high volumes with exceptional efficiency, speed, and accuracy. This automation also ensures reproducibility, making each VARIUS™ spectrometer identical to the next. With this streamlined process, delivery and highest quality spectrometers can be realised faster than ever before.

Product Compatibility
The new VARIUS™ spectrometer is compatible with all existing light sourcesaccessories, and AvaSoft software, allowing users to  continue to customise setups to match their measurement needs.

The EVO extension denotes a a spectrometer using the latest electronics platform, the AS7010, offering high speed USB3.0 communication as well as the absolutely unique second communication port offering Gigabit Ethernet for integration in your company network and the possibility for long distance communication, all at an affordable price.

Besides the high speed communication options, the EVO also offers a fast microprocessor and 50x more memory which can help you to store more spectra onboard and realise greater functionality.

Options include a detector collection lens to enhance sensitivity in the 200-1100nm range, and order sorting filters to reduce 2nd order effects. In addition, the AvaSpec-VRS2048CL-EVO is available with a wide range of slit sizes, gratings and fibre optic entrance connectors to perfectly tailor it to your application.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your application.

Technical data
Grating selection chart

Note: a selection of starting wavelength is possible, contact us for available configurations.

*Depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and smaller the range to select

**Please note that not all pixels will be used for the useable range

Resolution vs Slit Width chart

* = depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and the better the resolution

Ordering Information
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