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SensLine Spectrometers

The SensLine family of UV/VIS/NIR spectrometers is all about sensitivity. For those really difficult measurements in hard conditions such as those with low emissions, the SensLine gives you the extra sensitivity needed.


Back-thinned detectors move the wiring from the front to the back of the sensor, giving more space for the photosensitive surface. Our triple stage TE cooling keeps the detector at a steady 5˚C.


The SensLine product range includes five high sensitivity, low noise spectrometers - three of the instruments are based on back-thinned detector technology, of which two feature high-performance thermo-electrically cooled detectors, the other two models are based on standard CCD's, upgraded to high performing instruments as a result of Avantes unique and recently improved detector cooling technology. The back-thinned CCD detectors featured in the AvaSpec SensLine product family are high quantum efficiency detectors with excellent response in the UV, VIS and NIR regions from 200-1160nm.


All instruments are fully integrated with Avantes modular platform, allowing them to function as standalone, or multi-channel instruments, and are fully compatible with other AvaSpec instruments in our AvaSpec StarLine and AvaSpec NIRLine product families.


The entire SensLine range is available as a lab instrument or an OEM module for integration into a customers existing system. Avantes innovative ultra-low stray-light (ULS) and revolutionary new High-Sensitivity (HS) optical benches are the core optical technologies in the AvaSpec SensLine. These highly stable optical benches combined with our high-performance AS5216-USB2 electronics board deliver high performance instruments at an always important affordable price.


All Sensline instruments are designed to provide performance features such as...

  • High-stability

  • High-sensitivity

  • High-speed acquisition

  • Low-noise


For the highest sensitivity on the market today, please take a look at the AvaSpec-HS1024 series.


Choose your model...

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Lab grade spectrometer
Near IR spectrometer
UV/VIS USB spectrometer

What is spectroscopy, and what is a fibre optic spectrometer?

Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the UV, VIS, NIR and IR region, and a spectrometer is typically the device used to do this. Spectroscopic measurements are being used in many different applications, such as colour measurement, concentration determination of chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analysis to name just a few. Traditionally, it was typically necessary to take a sample of what ever medium you wanted to measure and measure it with a spectrometer in the lab. These days, progress in optical fibre technologies has revolutonised the spectroscopy business, and their use allow us to go right to the object being measured. Devices that make use of this technology are correctly classed as spectrometers, but more specifically, they're fibre optic spectrometers. Using this technique enables a truly unlimited number of applications in both the lab and field, with new applications being discovered everyday. For more elaborate and typical application information and setups, please click on the Applications link in upper menu bar.

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