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StarLine Spectrometers

The Starline family of UV/VIS/NIR spectrometers represent absolute flexibility in the setup of your spectrometer system, at an affordable price. Select the slit, grating and detector that fits your application the best and the ideal spectrometer is made especially for you.

This instrument line offers an array of solutions for a variety of uses, while providing excellent price-to-performance ratios. The AvaSpec-ULS2048/2048L and AvaSpec-3648 are based on front illuminated linear CCD arrays and thanks to Avantes DUV coating, can measure wavelengths from 200-1100nm.


The AvaSpec-FAST series of instruments is specially designed for high-speed acquisitions such as pulsed light source and laser measurements. The AvaSpec-128 is an ultrafast photo-diode array-based instrument for visible and near-infrared applications.

Instruments in the AvaSpec StarLine family are designed to perform in a variety of applications such as....

  • Reflection and transmission measurements for optics, coatings, colour measurement

  • Irradiance and emission measurements for environmental, light characterisation, and optical emission spectroscopy

  • High speed measurements for process control, LIBS or laser/pulsed source characterization

  • Absorbance chemistry


Contact us to discuss your application and setup, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Near IR spectrometer
Near IR spectrometer
Small spectrometer

What is spectroscopy, and what is a fibre optic spectrometer?

Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the UV, VIS, NIR and IR region, and a spectrometer is typically the device used to do this. Spectroscopic measurements are being used in many different applications, such as colour measurement, concentration determination of chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analysis to name just a few. Traditionally, it was typically necessary to take a sample of what ever medium you wanted to measure and measure it with a spectrometer in the lab. These days, progress in optical fibre technologies has revolutonised the spectroscopy business, and their use allow us to go right to the object being measured. Devices that make use of this technology are correctly classed as spectrometers, but more specifically, they're fibre optic spectrometers. Using this technique enables a truly unlimited number of applications in both the lab and field, with new applications being discovered everyday. For more elaborate and typical application information and setups, please click on the Applications link in upper menu bar.

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